Celebrating 75 years of the NHS

One of Great Britain’s most treasured institutions is celebrating its 75th birthday. To mark this special occasion, ITN Business has created a unique programme showcasing the people, businesses and organisations that have contributed to the continued health and success of the NHS.

We look forward to the next 75 years and beyond, as new ways of working and the impact of technology are set to change the way patient care is approached, enabling better outcomes for our growing population. However, before we look forward it’s time to reflect on the incredible journey of the NHS, from inception to the national treasure it is regarded as today.

On this momentous occasion of the NHS's 75th birthday, we extend our deepest gratitude and heartfelt thanks to the incredible doctors, nurses, and all healthcare professionals who have devoted themselves to saving lives and caring for our communities. Your unwavering dedication and selflessness inspire us all, and we are forever indebted to the invaluable service you provide. Happy 75th birthday, NHS!

Partner Films

Brother - A Trusted Technology Partner

When it comes to its long-standing relationship with the NHS, Brother has proved to be so much more than a provider of paper printers. A collection of innovative products from thermal label printers to scanners, along with a highly regarded customer service team, are helping save the NHS precious time and money.

Shaping best practice in the NHS

For clinical excellence to flourish, healthcare providers need organisational resilience and trust. BSI has been shaping standards and developing quality frameworks based on consensus and best practice related to healthcare that means patients can trust that the NHS is providing high-quality, safe, efficient, and effective health services to its patients.

Empowering People with Diabetes

4.3 million people in the UK live with diabetes and the effective management of this condition is crucial. Dexcom is utilising the latest technology to improve the lives of people with diabetes worldwide, thanks to its innovative continuous glucose monitoring systems.

Building Better Supply Chains Through Digital Innovation

Elcom's cloud-based procurement and supply chain technology, under their Scan4Safety program, streamlines the NHS's supply chain, freeing up funds for care solutions development, enabling staff to allocate more time for implementing these solutions.

Excellence in Food Service for better patient outcomes

ISS is one of the leading facility management companies in the world and has been a strategic partner of the NHS for many years. When it comes to their catering services, we found out that the benefits to patients do not begin and end with the food they are served.

Simplifying the Prescription Process

Millions of patients with long-term conditions rely on repeat prescriptions to help manage their conditions. LloydsDirect is a leading digital pharmacy, committed to helping its patients manage their medication needs more easily. We visited their HQ to witness the sheer scale of their operation and learn how they are embracing technology to improve medication distribution, in turn supporting the NHS to be more efficient.

Harnessing the Power of Leading-Edge Science

Developed and funded by MSD UK. Reflecting on the notable progress made towards the elimination of Hepatitis C and new transmissions of HIV, biopharmaceutical company, MSD believes that if the same efforts can be applied to HPV, HPV-related diseases, starting with cervical cancer, could become a thing of the past.

A New Vision for Eye Health

Staff shortages in NHS ophthalmology services have led to an increased demand for private companies providing NHS-funded treatment. One such company is Newmedica, which not only provides specialist clinical eye care services but comprehensive training for junior doctors, taking pressure off busy waiting lists and allowing as many people as possible to gain invaluable experience in the ophthalmic sector.

Helping Hospitals Run Efficiently

An effective procurement framework can play a huge part in ensuring that clinicians can focus on delivering the very best patient outcomes. NHS London Procurement Partnership supports its own members and other trusts to make decisions that create clinical and financial efficiencies, which all benefit NHS patients.

A Proactive Approach to Healthcare

The use of data analytics to provide a proactive, rather than reactive approach to healthcare is destined to play a big part in the future of the NHS. An example of this is the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care System, which is a collaboration between NHS Services, local authorities and other partners, taking an innovative and technology-based approach when it comes to population health management.

Human-Centric Healthcare

One of the foundations of an effective NHS will always be the effective organisation of patient data, but a new age of the NHS requires new ideas beyond the traditional paper records. Oracle Health are taking a unique approach to Electronic Patient Records, working with NHS Trusts to connect clinical, operational and financial data to save time and create more tailored patient profiles.

Democratising Healthcare

The large cost gap between traditional NHS services and private medical insurers means that many people have no access to non-NHS treatment options. However, Simplyhealth believes that the future of healthcare lies in more blended models and is offering affordable and accessible private healthcare in a number of ways.

Connectivity for All

The healthcare systems of the future will need world-class connectivity at their core and as a trusted technology partner to the NHS, Vodafone is set to lead the charge. They are committed to reducing connectivity inequality and forging strong partnerships, all with the aim of improving public health both now and in the future.

Improving Mental Health Through AI

Conversational AI has reached such an advanced level that it can now be effectively utilised in treating patients with mental health conditions. Wysa are at the forefront of this AI revolution, thanks to an App which replicates conversations with a real therapist, along with curated programmes and other on-demand support.

A Historic Journey of the NHS at 75

A remarkable journey through 75 years of the NHS, from its humble beginnings to becoming a national institution. Witness the triumphs, challenges, and unwavering dedication that shaped the healthcare landscape, showcasing the enduring legacy of care, compassion, and resilience.

Thought Leader Interviews

Creating the Medicines of the Future – Interview with Dr. Richard Torbett, Chief Executive of the ABPI

Members of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry supply cutting edge medicines and vaccines that improve and save the lives of millions of people. We met Chief Executive, Dr. Richard Torbett, who explains how they are making the UK the best place in the world to research and develop new treatments.

Partnerships at the Heart of Healthcare – Interview with Matthew Taylor, CEO, NHS Confederation

The NHS Confederation empowers and supports healthcare organisations to deliver high-quality care and reduce health inequalities. Former political strategist and current NHS Confederation CEO Matthew Taylor provides a unique insight into the importance of partnerships and collaboration to the future health of the NHS.

Delivering Value to NHS Trusts and Patients – Interview with Andrew New, CEO NHS Supply Chain

NHS Supply Chain manages the sourcing, delivery and supply of healthcare products, services and food for NHS trusts and healthcare organisations across England and Wales. Andrew New, the NHS Supply Chain CEO speaks about the future of NHS supply chains in a technology-driven world.

NHS Flexible Staffing Solutions – Interview with Nicola McQueen, Chief Executive NHS Professionals

Even one of the biggest employers in the world needs to call on the services of a huge number of highly skilled workers from all over the world. That’s where NHS Professionals comes in and we spoke to Chief Executive, Nicola McQueen about the role the largest NHS flexible staff bank plays as the NHS celebrates its 75th birthday.

A Future-Friendly NHS

Society has changed immeasurably in the 75 years since the formation of the NHS and it has needed to adapt accordingly. So, what does the next 75 years and beyond hold and what needs to happen in order for the NHS to not only survive, but thrive? ITN Reporter Sue Saville brings us this exclusive report, with a host of expert views on the future of the NHS.

Voices: Our NHS

Everyone in the UK will have exposure to the NHS at some point and those interactions can often leave a lasting impression. So, to commemorate the 75th birthday of the NHS, we asked our programme contributors, reporters and members of the public what the NHS means to them. The results were both heartwarming and moving.

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